Let's keep Australian roads safer.

Research has shown that delays in the supply chain cause fatigue, in turn a leading cause of preventable accidents. If we are able to eliminate these delays, we'd see less road mishaps.

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Inefficiencies and unfair practices in some businesses subject truck drivers to long waits in queues for cargo to be loaded or unloaded. Research has shown that these waits cause stress, unfairly exposing the truckie to stress-related health issues, as if it is not enough that truck driving is already Australia's most dangerous occupation. Let's put an end to long queues and reduce health risk factors for truckies.

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Trucks waiting for loading or unloading of cargo in queues may indicate lack of capacity for the distribution point, inefficiencies in the business, or worse, practices that expose the business to Chain of Responsibility liability. Let us help you find the solution to these issues through actionable insights and custom systems.

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Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of this country. They literally move the Australian economy. They ensure that goods are available when we want them, from fresh food to electronics and everything in the shops. Let us help improve the working conditions in what research has shown to be the most dangerous job in modern Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we've been asked before. Please feel free to send us a message if you have more questions for us.

I am a truck driver, how can I help?

To allow us to work with businesses and organisations where queues and inefficiencies subject trucks to delays, we need actionable information, actual data and measure of wait times and locations. All these are at the hands of the truck driver.

Download our easy-to-use Wait Advisor app, turn it on at the start of your wait, and flick the switch off at the end of your wait. We'll take it from there.

Note that we are not collecting any information that could identify you or that could put your job in jeopardy.

How do you plan to reduce or eliminate wait times?

When we have the information on wait times and locations, we'd take a three-pronged approach. First, we'd expose the information. Nobody wants a bad publicity. The collective influence of the community will encourage people to take action.

Second, we'd reach out to the concerned parties. We'd work out a solution with them. Delays in the supply chain means lost productivity and that translates to dollars written off. We are developing tools that would help facilitate key processes moving smoother and faster starting from gate entry and site induction.

Third, we'd work with industry groups and associations for larger scale changes. This is an opportunity to help push for evidence-based policy. We'll have the evidence and the industry will have a wealth of ideas how to use that evidence. The support of the Australian Trucking Association is key here.

We will not gloss over the possibility of difficult and unscrupulous parties too. The evidence we'll collect over time can be used to support action to enforce the duty expected of each participant in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR). At the very least, it could also inform changes in policy and legislation. So let's see. Let's give it a go.

I am an owner or operator, what's in it for me?

If we reduce the wait times, drivers will be more productive. Productive drivers mean productive trucking business. That's just the financial incentive. If we can reduce wait times, we can reduce driver fatigue and stress. That means safer Australian roads and truckies one step away from stress-related health issues.

Wait, there's more. You or your trip planners can use the information on wait times to better plan and schedule truck runs. That's better efficiency for everyone.

I already use telematics, a mobile app will be an added burden.

If you are already using a telematics system on board the truck, you do not need to use the mobile app to participate and help. Allow us access to your telematics data and we'd work with your telematics provider. Of course, it would be easier if you are using Teletrac Navman, but we can work with any other brand in the market. We just need you to opt-in and give us explicit consent. You can opt out and revoke your consent at anytime.